Working with Chiffon

As much as I love living my life in jersey, I have been dabbling in the finer, frillier materials for the past few months...  

Like my post, Working with Silk, I've been now saturating myself in chiffon lately, taking my most favorite chiffon pieces out for a spin yesterday.

blouse: Santee Alley / dress: Urban Outfitters / boots: Santee Alley 

And by "spin", I meant it literally!  I am so happy we finally got our Vespa to L.A.!  Halloween was a sunny, crisp day.  Perfect for zipping around downtown, Little Tokyo and the Arts District.  I would've taken a photo of me in my Speed Racer helmet but...yeah, no one looks good in a helmet.  Or maybe I'm just saying that because I don't.

Anyway, I've had this striped chiffon dress for years.  Wore it in one of my first posts in a 40s style mashup.  It's fun because it's meant to be layered and yet so chic and simple on its own.  It's completely sheer but I didn't want to wear my usual black leggings with it so I topped it with a black and white blocked chiffon blouse that I got in a size XL so that it would drape low.  To hell with my leggings!

I love buttoning my blouses all the way up.  That type of styling lends itself to a kind of eccentricity I can't quite describe except to say it just always looks unique and edgy.  You know?

I wore two pairs of boots that day: my high ones below and my low ones above.  I like options.

Hope everyone's Halloween was a blast!


  1. Enjoy your Vespa! There is no better way to zip about town, love getting around om mine in Washington, DC! Love the looks, your hair is dope!

  2. Loving the cheeky see- through peek of the chiffon skirt. x

  3. Love this look! Enjoy zipping around town! :)


  4. This look is so cute! Love the two-toned blouse and bummed out that I had to miss a pic of you with your Speed Racer helmet, bet it's cuter than you think :)

    The Indie Byline

  5. Is there no look you can't pull off?

  6. I like chiffon! I'll take a blouse =)

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House