DDCC San Francisco

After the thankful, boisterous throw down last night, forget black Friday.  
It's time to work out.

A few of you wanted to know what I wear to the gym.  Frankly, I just throw on any old thing.  I'll spend a fortune on good running shoes because I mainly do cardio but looking cute while exercising is just too expensive!  The reason why?  Work out wear is the one genre of clothing I can't wear anywhere else but the gym.  And you know me, my wardrobe cannot be limited.  
It really does have to fit my whole life - hence why my closet is Tiny.

So when Diana Mitchell, owner of DDCC Activewear told me about her chic active clothing line for women, one look at her upcoming 
Spring collection got me to jump on board in supporting (and wearing) her cute designs. 

I was so excited when she sent me this ash gray and white scoop neck hoodie - I've actually been wearing it everyday.  Grocery shopping, coffee runs, fabric runs - really all of my errands and activities have been a bit cuter and cozier with this little fitted hoodie.  The scoop neck makes it wearable outside the gym and not so "sporty" looking and the long torso keeps my shape smooth looking (and gives my straighter build more of an hourglass look).  Aaaaand with my unique measurements on the waist and hips, I am adoring the fit!
hoodie: DDCC Activewear / poncho: / denim: United Colors of Benetton / shoes: Toms "Movember" 

Inspired by Diana's mission to support other women in living balanced, happy lives I wanted to support her!  And help keep her making great clothes for being active in and out of the gym.

Aren't these pieces sexy?  Check out the rest of her new line on her Kickstarter now!


  1. My workout clothes r literally old shirts that I've accumulated through the years but I love these, they seem to really fit any body type

    1. Thanks Alvie! My workout wardrobe was always an oversized t-shirt and old capris from a department store. I used to think it was cheesy when people said cute clothes inspired them to work out, and now I totally get it! I love running & doing yoga in this new collection, and can't wait to produce these new styles!

  2. These are amazing workout clothes and your body looks fantastic Natalie

    The Indie Byline

  3. Beautiful. Glad to know there are stylist/designers who are making clothing for active and working people to wear.