Ahhhhhh.... after a visit from my mother-in-law, a stint with strep throat, and some great sewing projects completed, I am back, refreshed and excited to share some new pieces, ensembles and looks!

As you may already know, I recently cleared out my Tiny Closet to make room for some new treats.  And since my closet is already quite Tiny, it's even smaller now that I've done the revamp.  Sooooo I've been on a concentrated hunt for more pieces that I can adore and wear all year long.

The only problem is, I'm not really finding anything good.  You know?

I thought after nearly two years of super minimal shopping and finding new ways to enjoy all the awesome clothes I already had, I'd be revved up to welcome some new items to my wardrobe.... But all of a sudden many of the clothes I'm seeing are just not good enough to buy.  This leads me to a Tiny Closet golden rule:  

If you can't find what you're looking for.  Look harder.  Don't settle.
Don't buy something just because you're tired of coming up empty.  My life is full of compromises so when it comes to clothes, I relish in going for what I want.  Not whatever is there.

So voila.

Simple but are you surprised?  I'm not.  I'm still looking.  As much as I'd planned to sport more involved, creative outfits, I haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm keeping it minimal and casual for now.  I'm also sewing a heap of new clothes as well!

tee: The Tiny Closet Collection / harem pants: American Apparel / flats: Breckell's / jewelry: Banana Republic and vintage 

The items I did add immediately though were these cool aqua flats and a chic pair of harems.  Oddly enough I don't already have a pair in black.

On another note, I also got some new hair products!  Not sure if it's noticeable but my curls are a lot more defined lately.  Yes, this no-nonsense curly hair girl is venturing out past her 1-step hair routine and becoming more dedicated to keeping her curls soft and juicy.  I'll share my new wash n' go routine later so keep visiting to see!!


  1. yay!!!!!new wash n go routine!!xoxo

  2. uhhhh yea... what is good with that wash and go sis!

  3. I really like your style. It is simple and chic and you. I applaud you for wanting to come out of your comfort zone a little but I really like what you said about how you shouldn't compromise when it comes to clothes. Don't settle just because you can't find the thing you want, look harder - that should be applied to many things in life lol but I guess it's easiest to apply to wardrobe. I dig that, I'm gonna keep that in mind in the future.

    And yessss, the definition of your curls are amazing! Can't wait to hear the routine :)

  4. Love this look, it's looks so comfortable, casual and cute!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. I came in to see your curls!(clothes look great too) and then I scrolled down and read about your new hair products. Your hair does look more moisturized, bigger and with defined curls, looks amazing!

  6. yes, the curls are poppin' today. can't wait to see the new routine.

  7. this is the first time i've seen someone make harem pants looks cute. I couldn't pull them off, but looks great on you

  8. minimal and simple for the wiiin !
    you look great... and Cool