Chambray & Denim

Going through my closet on Monday, this week marks the the beginning of a rather large wardrobe revamp.  

As many of you know, almost all of the clothing in my closet serves a functional purpose.  Its functionality being that it allows me to live my life.  
My wardrobe reflects my personal style, yes - but equally importantly, my lifestyle.  My reality.

Well the reality is, lives change. And since my closet is directly linked to my life, it's time my wardrobe caught up with the winds of change as well.

So with all this open surgery I've been doing to my Tiny Closet, it's given me a bit of a fresh eye for ensemble options.  Like this denim on (sorta) denim.  
Definitely a Summer (and Spring and even Fall) keeper!

chambray:  Shades of Gris / denim shorts: Kunna / wedges: Et Fiancees / belt: Zara Men / necklace: Heavenly Couture / cage ring: Forever21 / sunnies: RayBan 

I needed a pair of longer fitted denim shorts so before throwing out a great pair of Japanese stretch denims, I cut them and made them relevant again.  As for the sandals, that was the only "for looks" portion of the outfit.  I don't wear heels that much anymore (winds of change, you know?)  But I didn't want to bore with the same.old.white.oxfords that I usually wear so I threw those on instead.  
These sandals are wonderful but sadly, no longer serve a purpose for me.  

With some real estate opening up shortly in my closet, I plan on moving in a long awaited diverse collection of flats.

With this chambray and denim duo though - I have found another fabulous uniform.  Great with safari-like accessories and some classic wayfarers and most importantly, 
perfect for a casual, quiet life on the go. 


  1. LOVE classic and understated looks like this. I was glad to hear your recent movement toward wearing flats. I always thought flats were boring but since moving to NYC a few years ago, turning 40 and becoming a new mommy I find I heardly ever wear heels anymore. Flats are functional and stylish for my lifestyle. Btw, I would not have been mad at you for putting on the oxfords. They are too cute :)

  2. In addition to a kick-ass blog you have amazing writing skills; lean and economical as well as descriptive. Your words are as simple as your fashion sense and leave us your readers wanting more.

  3. Very simple and clean look. Love it! Great accessories too.


  4. Love it! I too find myself wearing flats more often and thanks to your blog and others I started wearing oxfords, the best of both worlds. I have a pair of grey/yellow Cole Haan gramercy oxfords today, they are very comfortable.

  5. Absolutely love ur denim on denim! Great gold accessories & belt! The fact that it's from Zara Men, lovin' it :)

  6. Love that look...and the nail color! Yes, I peeped that lol

    -Chymere A.

  7. Such a simple outfit but you make it look so classy!

  8. lovely look<3

  9. Love this chic and relaxed look. Effortless and timeless style.

  10. I'm right there with you on the wardrobe revamp...especially the part about the high heel to flats conversion. I've accepted the fact that I mostly wear flats due to my commuting/walking lifestyle. Hate to give 'em up but some lucky girl will have lots of fun with them I'm sure and I'll feel less guilty with hoarding shoes I never wear, happy with my ease of mobility and much needed shoe space!!

  11. cute style, change seems to be abundant at this moment. Welcoming and embracing the change. You look lovely

  12. I understand the closet revamp. I'm doing the same as well. It's more important to me to dress for my body shape than to necessary following trends. Your shoes are to die for. I wore flat all last year but I miss the height from my heels. I'm only five feet tall lol!