Black & White, Oh La La!

I have been obsessed with the French, lately.  

Maybe because of all the romantic tweets I've been reading of Mr. Newton in France or maybe because I recently watched a bio-pic of Serge Gainsbourg and I have always looooved his music.   What a perverted, artistic mess he was....so dreamy.  All his mistresses were so intensely chic, I can't stand it!

So, with my brain packed with inspiration and desire, I decided I would wear an evening dress for day and be devastatingly alluring and mysterious....well, the diet coke version of the story - I might've felt all that in my head but when it came time to do my makeup and hair, I was over it.  There's a lot I could learn from a French woman - ah, but I'm hopelessly American and I haven't the patience.  Another time perhaps.

I did end up bringing out my inspiration in a more subtle way though with some black, white, and a little fur.

Layering a Forever21 dress over my James Perse scoop neck,  I made a cutesy cocktail dress into a more dialy-wear item.  Making something more wearable is always a treat for me and my Tiny Closet since I always aim to make full use of every item of clothing I own.  Although it's quite necessary to have special items that only come out on special occasions, I'd have to say 80% of my wardrobe is day-to-day friendly.  Like I always say, the Tiny Closet is not a museum.  And why should it be?
I made this fur vest, taking direction from P.S. I Made This.  For being so luxurious looking, it was very easy to make.  And I can thank Nancy's Sewing Basket for supplying absolutely gorgeous faux fur materials.  I always receive compliments on it, and it was basically an arts n' crafts project.

C'est chic, non?  

Well, if I didn't get it this time, mark my words, I will get it the next!  Maybe this American isn't so hopeless after all.  In fact, she's just getting started :)

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