You Say Skirt, I Say Shkirt

As Theo and I took our evening stroll down the beach, we saw a cozy little lounge with pillows, candles and low chairs, perfect for watching the sunset while cradling a yummy rummy drink.  As we were about to be seated, I thought of the perfect outfit to go with such a setting.

I hurried back to the hotel to change my shirt and grab the tripod.

Earlier while I was in Makati, I visited my first Zara store.  I've always been intrigued by Zara - every fashion blog I've ever visited has touched on Zara at some point in time.  And the clothing is just so darn chic - the designers are brilliant for implementing such cool ideas for Gap-like prices.  While what I've seen of the clothing has only been online (Zara hasn't quite found Seattle yet), when I stepped into the Zara in Makati, Philippines I was BLOWN away.  I spent probably, accumulatively 4-5 hours sifting through the entire inventory.  Yikes!  

And in that time, one of the items I left with was an asymmetrical sheer black skirt.  And like Tiny Closet style, the only reason I found sense in buying it was because I could wear it both as a skirt and a top....which is what I did the first night I wore it.
 The suede sandals are from Dolce Vita.  Every pair of suede shoes I own (and I own more than one should of just suede shoes mind you) I credit Dolce Vita.  

I have had these sandals for 3 years!!!  

The Tiny Closet may be oh so tiny but it is not lacking.  Longevity makes up for its small size.  And also versatility!
One of my new year resolutions for my blog was to wear my jewelry!  Just wear more jewelry in general.  But shortly after February, everyone realizes that habits are just so darn hard to break.  There there is a rhyme and reason to everything we do - and don't do.  I will be focusing on this "jewelry complex" of mine later but to my credit, I do want to point out that the earrings above I bought from H&M 4 years ago and even though I wore them for the first time a couple days ago, I still wore them dammit!  So that's a step forward right?  And I intend to wear them again soon.

You see, I was just waiting for the perfect outfit, ya know?  Are you buying that?  Yeah, we'll talk about it later.  

Oh and by the way, that gigantic drink gave me a splitting headache.  I felt drunk and hungover at the same time for the rest of the night.  And since my ensemble was cozy enough to sleep in, needless to say I did just that.  Fail.
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  1. beautiful assemble of color and style. Love the look

  2. Your blog is so fun to read and the pictures are beautiful.

    I do the same thing with any item clothing or jewelry. I saw it in the store, loved it, bought it, & lost in the abyss of my closet until months or years later. smh