Big, Long & Ugh...

The dress.  I'm talking about the dress.  I'm engaged.  

To be married, that is!  Yes, yes, As Mr. Tiny Closet and I slowly but surely make preparations to lie in this bed we've made, I have started hunting and gathering.  After recently deciding that our celebration would be best done in the Fall, the hunting and gathering [of options] begins for...

a wedding dress!  Yay?

The thang is, maybe it's the type of woman I am but bridal sales people are annoying as f*#%.  I immediately become awkward when I step into a bridal shop.  As soon as I pick a dress to try, they're in front of me, behind me, under me, over me.  Yikes!  I feel like a skittish cat.  Shopping for a wedding dress makes me crave space.  I need me-time to do what I normally do when I shop:
m e d i t a t e

If I'm going to be dropping upwards of a grand on a dress, mama needs to go to her zen place, thank you. 

But since apparently these bridal reps are in fact not being overbearing or intrusive, and it is me who doesn't understand this bridal culture, I've decided to stop trying to conform and just take my business elsewhere.

I'm going online

Besides, all the dresses I've seen so far are big, long and...ugh.

The world wide web however, seems to be kicking butt when it comes to peace and quiet options.  I've been thoughtfully putting together dresses that have recently caught my eye.  Shall we say, it's an eye-opener?  I realized I've never actually thought about wedding dresses until like a year ago-  much less wearing one.  Who'da thought these would be my pick?  It's great not having strangers' voices in your ear while you're trying to identify with a dress you'll be wearing on one of the most fashionable important days of your life.  I have peace and space to see what I reallllly like :)  And now I am sharing a few with you!

When I saw this Calvin Klein dress on Shopbop.com, I went weak in the knees.  This is everything I love: simple, classic, chic, modern and sexy.  

So at this point, you can tell that I am going in a compleeetely different direction with my bridal attire, eh?  Yes, I admit that in this specific case, I have every regard for modern fashion and no regard for tradition.  Now that that's out of the way, and we both know the direction I'm taking this, let's continue shall we?
A.L.C.  Again, elegant and simple.  Just what I need on a day with high expectations.  It's certainly unexpected and hopefully, a pleasant surprise.

 And going further down that road less travelled - we have Mason by Michelle Mason.  Before I lose you traditional, classic ladies completely - take away the city sandals and replace with white pumps, add a white belt perhaps with bridaly earrings and a bracelet.  Add an updo and you've got a very modern-civil-ceremony bride...I think.  Whatevs, I just want to go further with this concept.  Be patient while I flesh this one out.
Another crisp number is this Elizabeth and James shift.  I love the squared off boat neck, which is perfect for an updo.  This actually screams civil ceremony.  With a bit of netting over the eyes and a pill box hat, voila.  Sadly though, I think this dress may be extinct :(
And I'll end on a more eloquent note with this Delores Promesas Heaven silk number.  It's structure reminds me of that of an orchid.  I love the stiff shape and how it was designed to carve itself around the body.  This one is almost royal looking to me - very Grace Kelly.


Volume 1, Chapter 1
I've got a whole hard drive of these babies.
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Summer Wedges

With hints of Summer popping up all over the place now, here in the great Northwest, I wasted no time in bringing out my new Summer wedges.  What was particularly special about these particular wedges was they were particularly free.  Whoopee!  Yes, as part of my winnings from Beso.com, I picked them out and had them shipped to me just in time for the spotty warm weather we all complained about delighted in last weekend.
While these wedges look like woven hemp, they are actually silky loosely-woven ribbons.  The glossy look of the satin ribbons give these casual sandals a hint of not-so-casual style, which I like and could see wearing to more dressy occasions.  Still sturdy though and since the heel is a wedge, these are oh-so comfy to stroll in. 

top: H&M / belt: Ross / harem pants: Philippines / bangles: Philippines / sunnies: Ann Klein / 
bag: Gustto / sandals: Et Fiancees

This concrete structure was so fascinating to walk through and look at.  I really should have been wearing someone like Gareth Pugh or Comme des Garcon, the way everything felt.  The structure had major drop offs and stairs in every direction.  Stepping back, it made me think of the handmade cities from Inception, actually.  But with the safari-like ensemble I was wearing that day, the background was so inspiring I couldn't help but take some pictures.  And the outfit?  I just went with it and hoped it would come out as an eccentric contrast.

But anywaaaaay,

I am not a Summer shoe person by any means.  Where I live, Summer breezes by in the form of several weeks.  So dropping $100 plus on some cute sandals never sounded worth it.  BUT, since I love fashion as much as I do, I've recently chosen to purchase two amazing Summer shoes (each year but only when needed) because when the sun does shine, I don't want to be sulking in flip flops, ya feel me?  And, hello - it's not a ludicrous concept: every girl should have at least one pair of fabulous sandals no matter how Tiny her closet is.  Done!
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The Boyfriend Look Revisited

It's a week of remixes as that is the Tiny Closet "way".  Since I don't shop a lot and rock what I got, it's in my best interest to practice the art of remixing as much as possible.  And I find pretty much every time, what my Tiny Closet lacks in new items, it surely makes up for in new looks.

A few weeks ago, I entertained the "boyfriend" look, borrowing Theo's denim, as well as his neck tie.  This time, I chose a voluminous scarf, a slinky asymmetric long sleeve top and traded in my white brogues for a grittier pair of boots.

This time around, my accessories (hat, scarf, boots and earrings) give the baggy boyfriend look a more poetic style.  An Adrien Brody-meets-Halle Berry ensemble I think.  
A little edge, a little starving artist.

denim: AllSaints / top: Zara / hat: H&M / boots: Diesel / earrings: unknown boutique

Voila!  Part II of my eight volume set of the Boyfriend look.  Ha!  But I'm not kidding.  I actually found a lot of great looks within this BF genre.   But all in due time.  
Keep visiting for more remixes!
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The Duster Revisited

So as you may already know, I collected a lot of dusters during my recent travels.  You can view the collection here as well as here.  And if you haven't yet grown tired of these tiresome things, you can view one of them again right here:
 duster: Philippines / jacket: Free People / sandals: Seychelles / earrings: Forever21

Ah, but I changed it up this time can you tell???  I admit, while the ensemble was not thaaat creative off the bat, I am giving my fine-wine ideas more time to...age (wah wah) for later when I'm feelin it.  Ideally, I would have loved wearing a long black blazer - but the weather was bright and sunnyand I was on my way to a matinee so it wouldn't have fit the occasion.  I would have also loved wearing a pair of strappy stiletto sandals to juxtapose the shapeless gown up top buuut again, my stiletto sandals were just too "evening" for mid day.  So there you go - two main pieces I had to knock down a notch for the sake of weather and current events.  It cost my outfit a drop in the "wow" stock but it was still a wonderfully comfy, feminine outfit for hanging outside during the day and running errands, no?

Finally, I wore one of my dusters out in full bloom, whoo!  Next time, I'll be rocking this crazy thing in some sky-high heels looking like I'm about to take it to the club, just watch!
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Let's Get Nautical

As always, Weather.com kept their promise and delivered on Sunday.  As 7am approached and I turned over in bed and saw a pure blueing sky I knew it was a perfect day to get nauty.  Oh yeah.

I had mentioned in an earlier post my reservations with StyleMint.com and how disgusted dismayed I was with my first purchase.... and then I washed the ill-fitted top I had carefully picked out online and miraculously, its shape and size fell into place.  Ta-da!  Oy.  And then I also mentioned that I failed to cancel my membership with StyleMint before leaving for Asia so by the time I got back and reviewed my account, I found that I'd racked up some healthy credit that of course was no take-backsies...  Soooo, I begrudgingly used up all the credit, picked some random pieces and called it a day.

And lo and behold, another ta-da miracle.  All the items I had ordered were brilliant!  I was so relieved by the amazing cotton quality, the fit and the design.  Ahh.  My Tiny Closet has warmly welcomed some new favorites :)  Starting with this charming striped number here:
Walking along the water in Kirkland, Theo and I saw a dock full of mini sail boats.  So cute!!  Lil sailboats built for two.  They were actually rentals for public sailing lessons, which, in theory, would have been cool to take a lesson except for the fact that sailing is probably as fun as parallel parking a semi truck.  I much rather prefer riding in sailboats than concerning myself with their mechanics. I also like taking pictures in front of them :)
dress: StyleMint / scarf: Diesel / shoes: CMG / bag: Dooney & Bourke / bracelets and watch: thrifted / hat: Philippines / sunnies: RayBan / earrings: B.P. Nordstrom / lipstick: M.A.C. Red

I never wear red, even on my lips - but the navy stripes on this new frock were too fresh to pass on the inevitable duo of nautical-flair-blue-and-white with crisp red accenting.

 Sitting in a boat, thinking about boat things, I realized this dress is the only boatneck item I have.  Because I have such a narrow small face (sigh) I stick to only wearing scoop and cowl necks.  Oddly enough, narrow scoop necks compliment my facial structure.  I hiss at v-necks.  But whadya know, I've discovered boat necks are my besties as well.  I will keep my eyes peeled for more boat necks.  I very much like the classic line they tend to give to the neck and shoulder area.  While we're on the subject, I fancy boats as well.

Before I rouged up my lips and went on my jaunt through the docks, Theo and I had a delicious breakfast at Cafe Soleil in Madrona. Amazing potatoes and tons of cute fashionable girls in stylish brunch attire.  Wow.  I was so inspired. 

Okay, I always have high hopes to take impeccable pictures of the fabulous places Theo and I eat at but ya know, when the food shows up, I just can't be bothered with a camera.  One of these days, I will exercise some restraint and take some mouth-watering photos of the food I eat but until then, this is what I got so far...
 For the record, it was delicious.

Have a wonderful week!
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Winter coats have a tendency to cramp my style after a while.  So when I'm feeling cramped and cranky with my outerwear options, 
my Nicole Bridger wool wrap usually satisfies my need for something different.  

Something different but just as warm!  
I usually wear this wrap belted like I did here.  But with my wide leg denims I thought it would be more interesting to see the wrap all open and voluminous.  With the 60 mph winds I experienced that day, I certainly got the "drama" I was going for.

This thing is huge and incredibly warm because of its super tight weave.  For added texture and appeal though, I layered my wrap over a contrasting, loose knit cardi-sweater (this also made the wrap look more like outerwear and less like a robe or house coat).  After adding bangles, a bandana and oversize feather earrings, I was pleased to see a look I rarely entertain.  Bohemian!  Oh, the many possibilities of The Tiny Closet, indeed!   How can such a lil ol' wardrobe come up with so many different looks??  Quantity doesn't have much to do with options so I don't worry about it.  I focus on possibilities.

And just like true Tiny Closet living, I've worn this all before in different ways for different days.  Check it out!  

I wore these wedges here.  
I wore this wrap here.  
You can get a better look at these bangles here.
This bag comes up a lot
This denim I wore here

wrap: Nicole Bridger / top: Zara / denim: Habitual / shoes: Castaner / bag: Gustto / earrings: Urban Outfitters / bangles: Philippines

Bohemiaaaaah!  Okay, I'm out.
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Wintry Spring

My travels through the tropics have definitely changed my attitude towards color - more specifically wearing it.  But having returned, I remember why it took me 20 years to take to it - I guess colors are easier to appreciate when you're not viewing life through a gray lens.  And I aint' knockin' ya, Seatown - actually, I'm paying tribute.  Out of my entire family, I was the only one raised in the Northwest so, you know, my taste comes with a territory (or should I say from a territory) and does explain why I'm the only one in the fam that wears as much black and gray as I do.  Maybe it's just me (and I'm sure it is) but bright, vibrant colors just look off here.  Seeing colors in their natural habitat however, was one of the most influential, inspiring things that has ever happened to me in fashion so of course, I've cherished the experience and gained insight and I've even brought it back with me to the land of perpetual clouds - but you know, when in Rome Seattle, I can't fight my natural inclinations so I shall do what I do best :)

Wear black like it's going out of style.
jacket: Muuba / top: H&M / harem pants: Bottega Veneta / booties: Jessica Simpson / sunnies: RayBan / ring: Forever21

What can I say, blacks and grays is my world.  But see what I did there with my scarf?  I believe they call that "pop".  Yep, I'm popping, ladies.  Tropics, meet City.  My two worlds are colliding.  I love black but I shall let color flourish and pop where it should. 

Recognize the harem pants?  How many do I have at this point, anyway??  More than the national average, I'm sure but fiddly-dee-deeee, the point is I love them and you couldn't possibly have recognized them because they are brand new!!!  I chose these deliciously soft wool harems by Bottega Veneta with part of my gift card from Beso.com.  Officially, my Tiny Closet's most prized possession and yeah, harem pants are surely on their way out just as fast as they came in but why should I care?  When something fits my mental and comfort state so perfectly, that's always in style to me.  It's fun keeping up with the fast times at fashion high but when something works, I'm a lover not a fighter. 

To view more styles that make my heart pitter-patter, click here!  Oh and here too!

Your thoughts are like little gifts. 
Leave them here and I will cherish them!
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